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Video Baby Monitor

With a baby video monitor, you can see for yourself and put the imagining and wonder to rest. When you have the upgraded baby monitor with camera, you can easily observe more than just sound, such as when your baby chooses to pull himself up in his crib or when her eyes have opened.

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In our digital age, one of the most impressive and advantageous trade-offs has been the upgrade to a video baby monitor, as opposed to the former audio-only version.

It’s fair to say that a video baby monitor will help you and your family achieve more Z’s. Gone are the days of being left to wonder and dangle in suspense while you wait to see whether or not that coo from your little one represented a midnight wake-up bottle call or simply a shifting in her sleeping position.

Just picture it: while you watch television in the living room as your little one dozes off, with a baby video monitor, you’ll be able to quickly tell if he is in need of some help getting his pacifier back into his mouth, or– as he gets older– if his lovey has fallen out of reach and should be moved closer to him to ensure the utmost comfort.

A baby camera monitor can also put your parenting mind at ease in the middle of the night. Often, parents wake, particularly during the first year of their baby’s life, concerned for their overall well-being. Whereas silence on an audio monitor could mean nothing, it could also be alarming. A baby monitor video confirms for you, without having to visit the nursery, that your child is sound and safely asleep.

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  • HD Video: Yes, 1080p
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Smartphone app: Yes
  • Talk back: Yes
  • Night vision: Yes