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Snuza baby monitor

With their award-winning technology and thorough research within the medical community, the Snuza brand’s reputation as an innovator of infant safety devices continues to grow. A Snuza baby monitor puts peace of mind within a moment’s reach. Wearable, durable, and a fit for infants of all ages, parents can monitor their baby’s breathing and movement habits with the monitors made by Snuza.

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Snuza monitors made for tracking an infant’s movements come in two models to target a parent and their child’s particular needs for size and sensitivity in monitoring. Clipped to the diaper, all movement monitors measure abdominal motions and have audible alerts. Other features include body temperature checks, fall detection, and cordless functionality. The HeroMD Snuza monitor for breathing is renowned and is even the first of its kind to earn medical certification in Europe. As the most sensitive Snuza baby monitor on the market, it can detect even the slight of breaths. It is important to know that because of the sensitivity these products do not work in cars as the movement of the car interferes with the detection of your bub’s breathing.

Parents rest easier knowing their infant’s most sensitive movements will be carefully measured and monitored with the dependability and accuracy of the Snuza brand.


  • Spare Snuza Hero Battery
  • Varta CR2 Lithium Battery

5.00 out of 5

  • Breathing Sensor: Yes
  • Movement Sensor: No
  • Smartphone app: No
  • Audio: No
  • Camera: No