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Baby monitor with room temperature sensor

A room temperature sensor in baby monitors make it easy to know if the temperature around your baby is too hot or too cold. Almost all baby monitors have a room temperature sensor in it. However there are a few basic models that don’t. A sensor will monitor the temperature in the nursery room and will notify you on your parent unit should it become too cold or too warm.

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It is important for a child that small to get enough hours of sleep during the night in order to make everyone more energised and happy in the morning. If the temperature isn’t just right in a nursery, a baby can feel discomfort and stressful especially as a newborn resulting in less than optimal sleep patterns. A baby room temperature monitor will allow parents and guardians to keep a consistent temperature throughout the room and prevent a baby from eventually having dry skin and allergies throughout the night. A room can get too humid or too cold once the seasons change. A baby room temperature monitor allows easy and automated monitoring of the room temperature providing you assurance it will never go beyond a certain threshold.

  • HD Video: Yes, 1080p
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Smartphone app: Yes
  • Talk back: Yes
  • Night vision: Yes