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iBaby monitor

If you are looking for a high definition WiFi baby monitor that works with an iPhone or Android app, then iBaby can be a serious choice to make your life easier. With 720p and 1080p camera’s and a wide variety of features, iBaby is a challenger of the existing market. With a beautiful style design often seen in Apple products the camera is a great addition to your interior.

Note: Various happy users did mention that the additional mount is essential to be positioned in a stable manner.

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If you recently had a baby, one of the most pressing things on your mind is probably getting a good baby monitor. iBaby offers a number of monitors that allow you to watch and listen in on your baby when you’re in another room and your baby is sleeping. Perhaps the most comprehensive iBaby monitor Australia has to offer is the M6T model, which offers the best value and 720p video resolution with a 360-degree pan and smooth movement. You can receive sound and motion alerts as well as information about the temperature and humidity of the room.

For a bit more money, you can upgrade to the M6S Model. The M6S offers 1080p video resolution and support for dual-band routers. It is faster to install and offers full video streaming, as well as a basic air quality sensor to ensure that your baby is in a safe environment.

The best way to determine which iBaby monitor is best for you is to compare their features. iBaby offers great value overall, no matter which one you select.

3.50 out of 5

  • HD Video: Yes, 720p
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Smartphone app: Yes
  • Talk back: Yes
  • Parent Unit: No