Baby Monitor Shop FAQ

What is the range of a baby monitor?

For most baby monitors, the range is between 250 and 400 meters. This is in a clear line of sight, without any obstacles (such as walls, ceilings or furniture) between the parent unit and the baby unit. Insulation between the walls or floors can interfere with the signal reducing the range of reception.

What exactly is a DECT connection?

A DECT connection is a digital connection intended for wireless telecommunications. Many home phones are also equipped with DECT technology.

Is my DECT baby monitor protected from eavesdropping?

The DECT signal is protected, this makes sure no one will be listening in.

Is my DECT baby monitor noise/interference free?

The connection of a DECT baby monitor is secure and therefore 100% noise free. In case interference does occur, the baby monitor automatically switches to another channel.

What is sound or noise activation?

When the baby monitor detects a certain level of sound, it switches on and starts transmitting. As long as no sound is picked up by the sensor, the device remains in standby mode.

What is VOX?

VOX is the technology behind ‘sound activation’. VOX only turns on the parent unit when the baby unit picks up a certain level of sound. The sensitivity of this can often be adjusted. Effectively, this means you parent unit only gets turned on when your child starts making sounds, otherwise it remains in standby mode and is thus not continuously transmitting. This also saves battery.

How can I secure my Wi-Fi connection?

Change your Wi-Fi password on a regular basis. Set up a firewall between your internet connection and your devices and turn off the devices when not in use.

I have a baby monitor that works with a smartphone, do I need to consider additional costs?

No. The only costs are the purchase of your baby monitor. The apps you download on your smartphone or tablet are usually free. When you connect to Wi-Fi, there is no additional charge. Of course, you will pay for use of your mobile internet connection if you are not on Wi-Fi with your smartphone or tablet.

Where do I find or download the app for my smartphone or tablet?

When purchasing a baby monitor that supports smartphone connectivity, always verify that it is compatible with your smartphone. If there is an app, double check that it is available for your operating system such as iOS (Apple) or Android. If you have an older phone or tablet, also check that this is still supported. You can always just go to the App store or Play store on your smartphone or tablet and confirm whether you can download and install the companion app.

The battery of my parent unit seem to drain quickly, what can I do?

When the volume is set very high, the baby monitor drains more power from the battery. Lower your volume settings to extend battery life. Does the baby monitor have sound activation or image activation? Try turning this on as it will extend use time significantly.
You can also try lowering the brightness settings on your display if the baby monitor allows for this. A brighter screen uses more battery than a dimmed one.

What does the out-of-range option on my baby monitor do?

By activating the out-of-range option, most baby monitors will notify you with an audible alarm when you move beyond the reception range.