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Dual camera baby monitor (or multiple camera’s)

A monitor with multiple cameras is not just for parents of twins. With a multi camera baby monitor you can monitor your child from all the important activity centres of your household. No need to drag the children’s unit across your entire home every time you are bub is moving. Just setup multiple camera’s that all sync with 1 parent unit. A dual camera setup also essential technology in case you have twins. A baby monitor for twins allows you a clear view of each infant asleep in its crib.

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You can relax with the security of knowing your sleeping infant is visible to you from more than one room, saving you the hassle of moving the camera from room to room as you go about your daily tasks. A baby monitor with 2 cameras allows you to do your housework without the anxiety of wondering what is happening in the nursery. Placing a camera in the kitchen and laundry room saves you from rushing through your chores because you can’t see and hear the baby. A 2 camera baby monitor allows you to entertain guilt-free, secure in the peace of mind of knowing you can check on your napping child as you relax with guests on the patio or prep appetisers in the kitchen.

A dual camera baby monitor allows you the freedom to enjoy an afternoon soak in the tub while keeping one eye on the nursery. If you are an avid gardener a baby monitor with 2 cameras lets you watch baby while you weed and water. Never miss a home workout session with this 2 camera baby monitor. Place one camera near the treadmill and run while you watch baby snooze. You will want to place a multiple camera baby monitor at the top of your shower registry.


  • HD Video: Yes, 1080p
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Smartphone app: Yes
  • Talk back: Yes
  • Night vision: Yes